Maradonna’s World Cup.

Maradonna stole the show in 1986 with his memorable ‘Hand of God’, even more memorable ‘Goal of the century’and his general virtuoso performances delivering his nation their second and to this date last World Cup and simultaneously making him an icon for football fans across the world for generations to come.

Sadly his country couldn’t replicate such feats at this year’s tournament and once again his heir apparent Lionel Messi fell short of the mark though unlike four years ago this time he was way short.

As a result of Argentina’s poor on-field performances, most of the attention focused on what was going on in the stands during their games and in particular the antics of the great and himself.

His behaviour seems to have been heavily influenced by both narcotics and alcohol – though his ex-agent claims it’s all to do with sleeping pills which I presume come in powder form – and not surprisingly the internet and What’s App groups were all over it.

Just like in 86′ once again “El Pibe de Oro” steals the show.

So here is Maradonna’s 2018 World Cup in pictures and videos:


In this video, which was sent to me in the days leading up to the World Cup, Maradona appears to be enjoying the hospitality of some Russian oligarch on a Learjet no doubt en-route to Moscow or a private airstrip somewhere else in the country.

Diego is definitely in party mood and proves that his genius isn’t just specific to what he could do with a football:


This video was sent to me during Argentina’s victory over Nigeria and is when both Argentina and Maradona’s World Cup really took off albeit not for long.

Here the great man looks a little worse for wear. His former football agent states on the BBC later on that evening that his behaviour is a result of sleeping tablets he takes but it looks more like the result of alcohol mixed with cocaine to me though in fairness I am no doctor:



Here Diego appears to be consoling himself in the wake of Argentina’s elimination by hosting a party and taking part in the ceremonial cutting of an elaborate cake that looks like several deserts piled up on top of each other.

He’s clearly completely off his face at this point in proceedings and on the verge of OD’ing but none of his enablers, sorry guests, seem to care a jot and are far more concerned with recording the event on their phones and presumably getting some of the cake before Maradonna collapses face first into it which definitely looks on the cards:

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